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Kerak Jordan Valley, Jordan, Asia

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Mansaf – the national dish of Jordan

Posted by aaliyahfadil

Al Karak is called the mansaf capital of Jordan by quite a lot of Jordanians. This is due to the fact that according to some, the national dish of mansaf originates from the area.
Mansaf is traditionally made of lamb cooked in a sauce made of fermented, dried yogurt and served with Arabic rice. The yogurt – called jameed – is first fermented and then dried, after which it’s made into a broth in which the lamb meat is cooked. To the traditional Bedouin style, mansaf is served on a single large platter with a layer of flatbread with rice and meat, sometimes garnished with almonds and pine nuts.
Collectively eaten by all the participants usually without utensils, mansaf is prepared especially for the special occasions like weddings or graduation, or major holidays like Eid ul-Fitr, Eid ul-Adha, Christmas day, Easter or Jordan’s independence day. Also honoring one’s guest is a perfect opportunity to offer mansaf. It is widely accepted that the amount of lamb (of meat of choice used) is used as the meter of host’s hospitality and respect towards the one’s he/they are offering the food to.

Of course, there are also variants of the food, adapted to the regional tastes and styles. Sometimes lamb might be replaced with poultry (like done in the northern part of Jordan), or using fish (as in south around Aqaba – partly due to fish being cheaper and better available in a port town). For more informal and non-celebrational version, the yoghurt might be left out as non-dried.



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