Dear travelers, our site will be unavailable for some time. We’re looking for funds to continue bringing locals and travelers together. For the time being the site has been placed offline. Hope to see you soon!

What is GuidedByALocal?

Do you want to discover a city through the eyes of a local? You’ve come to the right place!
GuidedByALocal is an online community serving as a platform to connect locals and travelers from around the globe. Connect with locals from over 500 cities worldwide and get local travel advice that goes beyond your typical travel guide.

Travel global, ask a local. The philosophy behind our site is that travel is much more enjoyable when you see a destination through the eyes of a local. On our site locals become the tour guides and leave tips for travelers about the best things to see and do in the places they know the best. Travelers can see beyond the tourist traps and learn about local culture. It is simple and it's free!