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Medan Sumatra, Indonesia, Asia

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Medan is located in North Sumatra and is the capital of the island. It is the third largest city of the country, with a population 2.5 million residents. It is is a crowded city, in particular during the day. The population will expand to around 4 million people from around the city area. The main purpose for travelers of visiting Medan is spend the the night before departure and after arrival at the main airport of Sumatra near the city. The city is less touristic because it lacks big cultural attractions. But therefore you can get a real local experience. Main sights are the Medan Sumatera Utara Mosque, Maimun Palace and the Graha Bunda Maria temple.

Medan nightlife

Posted by auliaramelan

Medan actually has quite active nightlife, with dozens after dozens of establishments serving alcoholic beverages until the morning sun. Scattered pretty much all around the city you can find night clubs, pubs, bars and karaoke places.
Capital Building is the entertainment complex in the heart of the city, located at Jalan Putri Hijau. They have many pool bars as well as regular restaurants serving delicious Indonesian and Chinese food for affordable prices.

If singing in KTV, or karaoke, is your thing, you could try Perisai Plaza (Kristal), Medan Baru Plaza (Iguana), Medan Fair Plaza (Jet Plane), Hongkong Plaza (Equator) or Jalan Wazir (F1 / Tropicana) to find the one that suits your needs. In places like this, you're sure to meet some great people, if you can stand the horrible drunken singing, that is.

Medan also has multiple pools bars, where you can relax by a cold beer and nice and delicious food, and just play a round or two of pool or watch news, or just generally chill out. Few of the popular places among both locals and travelers are Corner Café (Jl. Sipisopiso, next to the Grand Mosque), The Tavern (in Hotel Dana Toba complex) and Shoo Pool Lounge & Sports Bar (Jl. Kapten Pattimura 423). Each is able to offer you nice and somewhat quiet environment to just relax during the week, but some evolve into quite nice venues during the night and especially during the weekend.

As a word of warning, it's good to mention that you're quite sure to be offered drugs of many kinds as well as prostitute services during your stay, especially if you're a single male. As sad as this is, it is the truth. Your best bet is to just turn down such offers, as not only are they bad for you and your health, but there are also undercover police patrolling the area, you don't want to spend the rest of your holiday (or even longer) in Indonesian prison, trust me.

But don't let this turn you away from meeting with locals. Most of Indonesians are nice people and willing to help you out or just to have a chat. It's nice for both of you to get to know each other better, and maybe even meet up later the following day. It's always a good idea to meet some local people that might be able to show you around a bit, or at least give you some advice on the places woth seeing while you're still there.



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